Friday, 30 April 2010

Monday 26th April - Journey to Northumbria

Set off by train to spend a few days with the Northumbria Community. During the journey I tried writing some poems. Today's photo doesn't really relate to my reflection but it has been a disjointed sort of day.


Routine laid aside

Everyday tasks left behind

Time is like a gift

Renewing, refreshing

Each minute a bonus

Allowing growth

To take hold

After the Storm

Sun breaking through the cloud

Peeping out

Like a child peering round the doorway

Will I be allowed to stay up or will I be sent back to bed?

Throwing off the duvet of cloud

Tentatively stretching

The yawning of the wind

Will I get up or do I turn over and go back to sleep?

The snore of thunder gone

The tears of rain dried up

The nightmare is over

Caressed and kissed better by the warmth of the sun.

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