Saturday, 30 April 2011

Friday was a day for celebrating Wedddings. We held a Wedding in St Michael's in the morning, a happy occassion with lots of family and friends present to witness Jayne and David's marriage. It may not have made the national press but did get a mention in the Romford Recorder and everyone in church could see the whole service!

Richard and I were invited to a street party in the afternoon.

A toast to William and Kate.

The party in progress

There were plenty of Union Flags to be seen

Some reflections.

Lots of chat, games and quizzes and a certain amount of temptation.

For someone who doesn't photograph people I managed rather a lot of pictures.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Holy Saturday

A day of watching
of waiting
A day of darkness
The light seems far away
An opportunity for reflection
to ponder on what was
and what might have been
A day of uncertainty
Letting go of the past
Being released
into an unknown future
Time stretching into eternity

Friday, 22 April 2011

Good Friday

Washing One's Hands
Washing one's hands of the conflict
between the powerful and the powerless
means to side with the powerful,
not to be neutral.
Paulo Freire

The Crucifixion


You were one with the Father.

Then the Father turned his back on you.

You felt forsaken,

hanging there between heaven's thunder

and the dank spittle of earth.


For that moment you belonged nowhere.

You were love, cut off from love;

truth nailed down by lies.

You must have wanted to explode, to disintegrate,

to disappear into a void.

But that was forbidden.

And that was the test.


Your blood burst through your skin

and ran down like sweat.

Your sweat ran cold

and drained into your heart.

The universe caught hold of your pain.

The sun went blind with grief.

The earth shivered in shock.

History was torn in two.


I stood at a distance,

my collar turned up,

like a murderer witnessing

a wrongful arrest.


Steve Turner

Maundy Thursday

a foretaste of things to come.

A day of story telling;

the Passover

the Last Supper

Foot washing

The Garden of Gethsemane

When Jesus Shared

When Jesus shared his bread and wine
and faced his final day -
Did we not promise, we will stay?

When Jesus in Gethsemane
asked us to watch and pray -
Did we not sleep the night away?

When Judas kissed him on the cheek
and soldiers took our Lord to slay -
Did we not also run away?

When Jesus was reviled and mocked
and we were asked to own his name -
Did we not also love betray?

When Jesus walked towards his cross
and stumbled on the way -
Were we not hidden far away?

Colin Ferguson

Palm Sunday

Cross-marked beast
bearing cross-burdened Christ,
what is you message today
as you travel the palm-strewn way?
Stumbling on a stony track,
people's coats on your back,
you were chosen for faithfulness.
This is a calling we share,
as the cross-marked hill
comes closer still.
Your job is to carry him today,
yesterday's weight forgotten;
tomorrow's burden still uncertain.
May we, his cross-marked people
bear him just as faithfully.
Janet Lees

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Classic London

There are some classic London icons

Red London Buses

Telephone Box

Oranges and Lemons - a twist

Reflections by Waterloo Bridge

There were some mirrors on the wall by the side of Waterloo bridge where the refurbishments were taking place. They gave an interesting perspective of the Thames.

London Bridges

An alternative view of Waterloo Bridge


The sun and heat of last week was just too much for some.

How easy do we find it to switch off and ignore the hustle and bustle which surrounds us?

Windows and Walls

As well as the exhibition I enjoyed looking at the interesting views and reflections in the windows and walls in the gallery.

Friday, 15 April 2011

The Followers

The idea behind this burial wall “The Followers” by Ximena Garrido-Lecca came from the Peruvian tradition. As well as photos and flowers in the niches were many things that the deceased would need in the afterlife, including bottles in Inca Cola & Cusquena beer. It reminded me of our visit to Peru in 2009 and the many times people mixed Christian faith with traditional spiritual worship. People would return from church with Holy Water and sprinkle it alongside coca leaves and corn beer left in offering to the gods.

Newspeak: British Art Now

On Monday Richard and I returned to the Saatchi Gallery to see the second part of the exhibition Newspeak: British Art Now. This runs until the 30th April. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first part but there were still some really interesting artworks on view.

Tessa Farmer had created this display using insects; tiny “people” sat astride a variety of insects.

Spartacus Chetwynd created “the lizard” and “the stick insect.”

I liked these paintings too. David Brian Smith’s “Great Expectations – wow” of a shepherd and his sheep and Toby Ziegler’s “Designated for Leisure”

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Changing April weather?

The beautiful weather we had yesterday for the Wedding at church led many to comment on how unseasonal it was. This led me to wonder was it really unusual? I was sure I could think of warm sunny days at the beginning of April before.

I decided to do an unscientific trawl through photos on my computer to see what sort of weather we usually have at the start of April.

On 16th April 2004 the weather in Southwold was good enough for people to be sitting outside enjoying the sunshine in their shirt sleeves.

I couldn't find anything on my computer from early April 2005 but in April 2006 we had blue skies once again.

The shadow from these trees on 9th April 2007 imply reasonably strong sun.

The weather can change on a daily basis as these photos from 6th & 7th April 2008 show; heavy snow one day (it was a colour photo, not black and white) followed by an overnight thaw and sunshine.

11th April 2009 brought another bright day, this time at Maldon - there was very little wind so not ideal for our trip on a Thames barge.

Last April there were bright skies and good reflections in Ipswich on the 3rd and the lambs enjoyed the sun on the 10th.

It could be that almost every other day in April was grey and wet, hence no photos. Or perhaps the beginning of April is almost always bright and sunny! Perhaps it tells us more about the assumptions we make, our expectations and selective memories.