Saturday, 17 July 2010

V&A - Ichthys Font

Last night we had a girls night out to the V&A. We had supper there and then a chance to wander round until it closed at 10pm. It was great doing something like this together, our previous museum trips tended to be to the Science Museum and Natural History Museum with youngsters.

Ichthys Font

This beautiful glass font by Colin Reid is the prize for an awards scheme for an Artwork in Ecclesiastical Space that the

Art and Christianity Trust (ACE) have set up. Ace promotes understanding of the links between religion and the visual arts. Although displayed at the V&A this trophy is loaned every two years for temporary display in the winners' venue.

The design of the font recalls the Greek word for fish ichthus, whose letters represent the words for Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour. This fish symbol was used by early Christians to communicate their baptismal faith.

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  1. I saw this myself for the first time today. Very beautiful piece!