Saturday, 11 September 2010

I'm a photographer!

I was thrilled to receive an envelope in the post this week with a poster and the 2011 programme from Shepherds Dene retreat house. I spent the last week of my Sabbatical there, a few of the photos I took can be seen earlier in my blog (21-24 July). The reason I was so pleased to get the programme was that several of my photos were used in it, some credited but also some smaller ones too. The biblical references used to link with the photos were my suggestions too - this is a nice follow on from my Sabbatical of reflecting on image and spirituality. The poster used my photo of the sprouting acorn on a hand along with the words "time to reflect and inspiration to grow." You can download the programme from the link above.
As the poster and brochure are being ditributed to all parishes in Newcastle and Durham dioceses I think I really can say "I'm a photographer!"
If you are looking for a place to go on retreat next year do consider Shepherds Dene. I found it really friendly and welcoming, comfortable and with good food. As an added bonus there are some really good photos in their programme & their poster is fantastic! (modesty, what's that...?)


  1. Great photos, Morag. I think you can say that too! See my own humble efforts, just posted, and only taken with the iPhone ...

  2. Thanks Tim, your photos are great & I like your reflections on the cross.