Saturday, 20 November 2010


We communicate in so many different ways nowadays and often at the same time.
These friends were texting each other some contact details whilst having a conversation.
At one point yesterday afternoon I was chatting to a friend on facebook, another on google and then Richard came into the room so I was holding a conversation with him too. I couldn't quite cope with windows live at the same time!
Some criticise electronic communication and say it's stopping real conversations and relationships growing and can all be a bit too shallow, especially when people have many hundreds of friends on facebook. This can be true but it also allows you to keep in touch with people you'd otherwise lose contact with or find it too expensive to have live conversations. I've been able to "speak" to folk in Peru & New Zealand - I doubt I would telephone.
When we went to Peru last year we were able to meet up with friends of friends who are missionaries out there. It was only through the power of google and email that we were able to get together - we only found out about them about 12 hours before we were due to leave.
It was after I came back from the Holy Land in the summer I discovered through my blog that one of those I'd journeyed with not only knew Scott & Anjanette but had played a part in their selection process. The internet certainly shrinks the world.

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