Saturday, 19 February 2011

Wedding Show

I spent this afternoon helping on the Church of England stand at the Wedding Show at Olympia. As usual with these events I had some really valuable conversations with those wondering about the possibility of being able to marry in a church. It was good to be able to help couples understand the various options of which church you can marry in and try to help them make sense of qualifying connections.
We also offered to pray for couples in the time leading up to their wedding (whether or not they were planning to marry in church) if they filled in a card with their names and the date of their wedding and if they wished where they were planning to marry.
It was great to be able to help answer the vast variety of questions we were asked; many didn't have definitive answers but we were able to encourage them to talk to the clergy in the church they hoped to marry to find out.
Several people came over to us and said how pleased they were to see the church having a stand at such an event, that they appreciated our presence and valued the fact that we were there to give out information rather than to do a hard sell.

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