Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Things we remember

I always look for the daffodils to be in bloom towards the end of February. When Graeme was born we had come home from hospital and the next day there was a ring on the doorbell. Standing on the doorstep was a near neighbour with a bunch of daffodils in his hand. He explained he'd been at the kitchen sink and was looking out the window and saw all the daffodils in his garden and thought "Morag might like some." He'd gone out and picked some and come straight round to ours - the sap was dripping out the bottom...
 I had been given and sent loads of flowers to mark Graeme's arrival - from my work, Richard's work, various family and friends and all were much appreciated but the ones I think of every year and still remember clearly 21 years on are the daffodils that were brought round to me freshly picked. It just shows that it really can be true that it is often the thought that is more important than the cost.
The daffodils are much later this year, we don't have any fully out yet so instead of a photo of a daffodil I've posted a photo of a daffodil from one of the stained glass windows in the Lady Chapel in church.

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