Saturday, 9 April 2011

Changing April weather?

The beautiful weather we had yesterday for the Wedding at church led many to comment on how unseasonal it was. This led me to wonder was it really unusual? I was sure I could think of warm sunny days at the beginning of April before.

I decided to do an unscientific trawl through photos on my computer to see what sort of weather we usually have at the start of April.

On 16th April 2004 the weather in Southwold was good enough for people to be sitting outside enjoying the sunshine in their shirt sleeves.

I couldn't find anything on my computer from early April 2005 but in April 2006 we had blue skies once again.

The shadow from these trees on 9th April 2007 imply reasonably strong sun.

The weather can change on a daily basis as these photos from 6th & 7th April 2008 show; heavy snow one day (it was a colour photo, not black and white) followed by an overnight thaw and sunshine.

11th April 2009 brought another bright day, this time at Maldon - there was very little wind so not ideal for our trip on a Thames barge.

Last April there were bright skies and good reflections in Ipswich on the 3rd and the lambs enjoyed the sun on the 10th.

It could be that almost every other day in April was grey and wet, hence no photos. Or perhaps the beginning of April is almost always bright and sunny! Perhaps it tells us more about the assumptions we make, our expectations and selective memories.


  1. Love the photos, Morag, especially the one of Southwold which is a favourite stop when you live in Lowestoft. Now, if only I could afford a house there!

  2. It was that photo that made me realise that photography was a hobby.
    Perhaps we might get a chance to be in Southwold at the same time one day & enjoy a pint of Adnams