Tuesday, 29 June 2010


At one point a completely random thought popped into my mind. I have liked the music of the band Runrig since I first saw them in the Union when I was a student in Edinburgh. I've also been fortunate to see them more recently in Cambridge and last year in Southend. I remember many years ago when one of the band Calum Macdonald (note the correct spelling of Calum!) was being interviewed and was asked about the Christian nature of some of the songs. His response was "well Rory and I write most of the songs and we are Christians." It wasn't a conscious decision but just something that happened – they were Christians so it was natural that their faith would be seen in their outlook on the world and life. I wonder how true that is for us; that whatever we do, whatever choices we make in life, can our faith be seen so clearly by others.

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