Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I've been without internet access for over a week, so haven't posted anything to my blog but I have made notes to cut and paste. I have managed to survive almost 8 days being incommunicado with the outside world. I have even managed to keep silence apart from the daily session with my guide and worship in the chapel. Although I had my mobile phone with me I have been very good and only used it as an alarm clock and to send a text home saying I'd arrived.


I bought myself a newspaper to read on the train, to try and catch up with what's happened in the world. I'd guessed England had been knocked out of the World Cup as I'd not seen any flags on cars this morning. Interested to see the Independents suggested team for 2014 with Ipswich's Connor Wickham playing up front; just hope he scores for Ipswich next season. Pleased to see that Scotland is still being represented at Wimbledon – keep going Andy!


I haven't taken many pictures this week, I've actually found it quite hard to see things I wanted to photograph (hard to believe, I know.) I don't know whether it's because I've been focussing on God and our relationship, and photography has felt like an unwelcome distraction. I really appreciated the opportunity to have this time away; to spend time in quality prayer without any distractions and responsibilities.


I'll post a selection or random thoughts and pictures for you from my time away.


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