Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Monday 14th June

Our first visit of the day was to Sepphoris (Zippori) where we spent time looking round the ruins and at the mosaics. This linked in well with my weekend at Ammerdown – I don't think that my mosaics were quite up to the same standard though!

We journeyed on to Nazareth where we visited Nazareth Village; a recreation of a village from the 1st century located behind the YMCA. It didn't make any claims about being the real location of Nazareth but was really helpful to help visualise how a village of Jesus time might have looked, the layout and the kind of jobs people did.

We drove into Nazareth for lunch and after lunch visited the Basilica of the Annunciation, the church of St Joseph, the Synagogue Church before walking through the souk to the church containing St Mary's well.

We returned to the hotel via Cana in Galilee.

There was time for a swim in the Sea of Galilee and the pool before dinner. After dinner a group of us walked in to the centre of Tiberias.

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