Saturday, 17 July 2010

Introducing our cat - Lucy

I'm a great believer that life isn't always easy and for things to succeed you have to be prepared to work at them, I think this is particularly true of marriage. Not only do you have to be prepared to accept the ups and downs of married life but I believe that one of the ways to work at a successful marriage is to be prepared to compromise.

When the band "The Proclaimers" first began I wasn't particularly fond of their music but over the years they have grown on me, I really enjoyed seeing them playing live at Greenbelt a few years ago. I was given one of their CDs at Christmas and have been listening to it quite a lot in the car and have been impressed by many of the lyrics.

One of my favourite tracks is "Let's get married" a song which gives lots of good advice about marriage and picks up on the idea of compromise. Having grown up in a family of dog lovers I wondered how I would cope as Richard's family had always had cats. We've taken the advice in "Lets Get Married" you can get a cat as long as it barks...

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