Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tuesday 13th July - The View from the Window

I spent much of yesterday and today trying to create a couple of photo books on my computer. After one major disaster I got there eventually; I've just got to wait 'till they arrive at the end of the week.
The View from the Window


Like a painting it is set before one,
But less brittle, ageless; these colours
Are renewed daily with variations
Of light and distance that no painter
Achieves or suggests. Then there is movement,
Change, as slowly the cloud bruises
Are healed by sunlight, or snow caps
A black mood; but gold at evening
To cheer the heart. All through history
The great brush has not rested,
Nor the paint dried; yet what eye,
Looking coolly, or, as we now,
Through the tears' lenses, ever saw
This work and it was not finished?


R. S. Thomas

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