Thursday, 1 July 2010

Scallop shell

I love Maggi Hambling's scallop shell which is on Aldeburgh beach. It's been there since the end of 2003 and I enjoy walking along the beach to the north of town to visit it. It isn't to everyone's liking and has been vandalised by covering with paint on several occasions.
I was tempted to post an old photo rather than those from today as it looks stunning against a bright blue sky.
It seemed an appropriate immage as the scallop shell is often used as a symbol associated with pilgrimage. Many of the 'ramblings' from my sabbatical have taken the form of Pilgrimage and I hope to continue this on Saturday by going on the annual Bradwell Pilgrimage.

1 comment:

  1. still following your sabby with interest.
    I too, love the shell at Aldeburgh. An empty shell. We all feel like that sometimes - hard as a shell on the outside but empty inside where no one looks because they are only interested on the outside. Muscles are clever - they attach themselves to shells. I have a few friends who are precious like oysters - OK, so enjoy the next few weeks - we miss you