Friday, 21 May 2010

Basildon park & Ammerdown

Today I travelled to the Ammerdown Centre near Bath for a mosaic weekend. En route I stopped at Basildon Park, a National Trust property which was used for the location of the film of Pride & Prejudice. One of the rooms contained some of the design studies made by Graham Sutherland for his tapestry "Christ in Glory" which is in Coventry Cathedral - they were very moving. The house is surrounded by lots of parkland, at the moment the buttercups were rampant.


It's been a hot day; it reached 27 as I was driving down the M4 - thank goodness my car has air conditioning.


We spent some time this evening taking photos and sketching in the garden as we looked for inspiration for designs for our mosaics. I'm looking forward to finding out more about mosaics, their history & how to make them tomorrow. Hopefully by Sunday evening I'll have been able to create something...


  1. I've just got and read a secondhand copy of 'Sutherland : Christ in Glory in the Tetramorph - The Genesis of the Great Tapestry in Coventry Cathedral' which is an extended interview with Sutherland about the commissioning process with lots of photos of the changing designs. You'd be welcome to borrow it.

  2. Thank you, that would be great.