Friday, 7 May 2010

Thursday 6th May

I liked the sweep of the departure timetables at Birmingham New Street which I saw on my way home. I really enjoyed the NADAWM conference. We heard some really good speakers and it was good to meet lots of new people and reacquaint myself with others, some who I hadn't seen since richard was ordained. It did feel strange being at a conference with so many other women clergy; it made me realise how used I have got to attending meetings where women clergy are in a very small minority.

When I got home this afternoon I went round to the church hall to vote. We had council elections here as well as the general election. This year everything has felt very centralised and all about voting for the prime minister. Funnily enough when I went to the polling station I wasn't able to vote for who I thought should be prime minister but instead had to vote for the person I wanted as my constituency MP.

The election campaign has seemed to be very male dominated, not totally surprising with three male party leaders but most of the commentators and those invited to take part in discussions have been male too.

We've just lit the fire and opened a bottle of wine and are planning to watch the election results; I guess it will be a long night...

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