Saturday, 22 May 2010


The mosaic weekend is being led by Kate Rattray, a mosaic artist. Having never tried mosaic before I felt quite uncertain  as to how this would be. I'm having great fun; it's surprisingly addictive, some of the others have gone back through to the workroom to continue as they couldn't wait until the morning.
We began by making a simple coaster to give us an idea of how to cut and place the tiles. After this we transferred our designs onto our boards and then began cutting and sticking - just like being back at primary school but using glass and tiles rather than paper. I've got several cuts on my fingers and a lovely pair of blood blisters where the cutters missed the tile and got my palm instead!
My effort isn't brilliant but it's my first go. I need to finish tiling tomorrow and then to grout it. I'll post a couple of pictures so you can see the progress so far.

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