Sunday, 9 May 2010


I went out for a curry in Manor Park with friends last night. We first met each other when we were taking our children to toddlers group. Some 20 years later we still meet up regulalry, even if we don't all make every get-together. Over the years I have really valued this friendship group. There are times when it's really great just to be with people whom you can be yourself, not needing to be on your best behaviour!

We've been through lots of experiences together - births, deaths & marriage. It's good to have friends whom you can be with without feeling you have to talk and explain things if you don't feel like it but equally who you can tell everything and know that you'll just be accepted and not judged.

These tangled laces made me think of friendship; how our lives are intertwined, yet still separate. At times friendships become very close and at other points we seem to move slightly apart - I saw this in the laces; the togetherness and the separateness.

We came across this cone whe we were walking back for coffee. The pavement had recently been relaid and when the tarmac was put down the cone wasn't moved so is now fixed in the middle of the pavement. It's a bit dark but it was late. Perhaps those who lay the tarmac aren't allowed to move cones, that's someone else's job.

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  1. It is nice to meet up and talk about what is happening with our lives and our children, love the cone