Saturday, 1 May 2010


Having been looking forward to the freedom of days spent without constantly checking my diary and watching the clock to see what I am meant to be doing and where I should be, I've found it really strange to have a day that really is my own to do what I wish to. It has made me realise how used we get to a routine. I bought some grow bags and planted up the tomato plants and courgettes and also some flowers for the tubs. I also managed to wash down the bench and one of the picnic tables in the garden. Just need to let them dry before I can sand them down and paint them to freshen them up. When we have lots to do time seems to fly by so quickly. The dandelion clock reminds me of time; there one minute, gone the next!

The insects have rediscovered the pond in the garden and were enjoying the warmth of the sun earlier today.

We have one of Richard's nieces and her friend staying with us for a couple of nights before they head back to France so I might even make a pudding for supper tonight.

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