Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Those who've known me for a long time know that I've always had a penchant for elephants so I went on safari today...

Ok I went up to London elephant spotting! There are about 250 painted elephants dotted around in central London in order to raise awareness of the endangered Asian elephant as well as to raise funds for conservation. The elephants have been painted by a variety of artists and most have been sponsored. The exhibition ends with an auction to sell them off - I wonder if anyone would notice if I bought one and put it in front of St Michael's? Would I have to apply for a faculty?

Some of the designs are amazingly detailed and have been really carefully thought about. I would like to go back another day and find some more before they are taken away to be sold.

There is more information about them here elephantparadelondon.org and you can download a map showing their locations.

Had a quick look round the V&A, haven't been for years; must go back again.

I'm off to the Archdeacon's visitation this evening

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  1. Hi Morag

    I think I may have managed to set myself up as a follower!

    Love the elephants - what's next


    PS the blossom and bluebells are now out