Monday, 31 May 2010

Murder at the Vicarage

While we were out this afternoon a fox managed to get into the chicken run. Lucy spotted it and barked and alerted Calum who went to the rescue. He managed to get the chickens into the covered run and chased the fox away but by the time he got out it had killed Juniper and badly injured Marigold who had to be put down. Richard then spent time digging holes in the garden for them (very deep, so hopefully they won't be disturbed.)
Marigold was the chicken I posted a picture of  near the beginning of this blog - she laid dark brown eggs, whilst Juniper was a Speckeldy Hen and laid speckled eggs.
Considering we have had chickens for over four years we have been fortunate not to loose any to foxes before, especially as several people locally encourage these vermin by feeding them. They wouldn't feed rats so why they feed foxes which are flea ridden I can't understand. Several local dog owners have had problems with dogs bringing in fleas from foxes which have become resistant to treatments such as Frontline.

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